The WSSR Council announces the the establishment of a new benchmark time.

Course: San Francisco to Shanghai

Yacht: "Maserati" 70 ft Monohull

Name: Giovanni Soldini. ITA and 8 crew.

Dates: 10th to the 31st May 2015.

Start time: 01;52;50 UTC 10/05/15.

Finish time: 21;24;05 UTC. 31/05/15

Elapsed time: 21 days 19 hours 31 minutes and 15 seconds.

Distance: 5495 NM

Average speed: 10.49 kts

Comment: This establishes a "benchmark" time for the traditional Tea Clipper route from San Francisco to Shanghai. In 1853, well prior to WSSRC ratification, Capt Charles Collins in the clipper "Swordfish" established the fastest voyage at that time of 32 days and 9 hours.

John Reed

Secretary to the WSSR Council