The WSSR Council announces the the establishment of a new benchmark time.

Course: Monohull: Cadiz to San Salvador

Yacht: Maserati. 70 ft Monohull

Name: Giovanni Soldini ITA and 8 crew

Dates: 2nd to the 13th February 2012.

Start time: 11; 50; 08 UTC on the 2nd February 2012

Finish time: 10; 59; 47 UTC on the 13th February 2012.

Elapsed time: 10 days 23 hours 9 minutes 39 seconds

Distance: 3884

Average speed: 16.1 kts

Comment: This was the first successful attempt to establish a time for a monohull on the Cadiz to San Salvador route.

John Reed

Secretary to the WSSR Council