The WSSRC World Sailing Speed Record Council). World Sailing (WS) Affiliate Member

To be the International Authority for ratifying World Sailing Speed Records. 

a. The promotion, coordination and supervision of the establishment of World and National Speed Records and performances under sail.
b. The preparing, maintaining and issuing of Rules for World and National Record establishment and Speed Sailing performance.
c. The ratification of all relevant World and National Records.
d. The preparation, and control of annual financial budgets related to the agreed objectives of Council and WS.

a. To give approval for the staging of speed sailing and record breaking events.
b. To appoint International Commissioners to ensure fair play.
c. To ratify records in accordance with these rules.

a. The Council shall establish a secretariat, fix the remuneration of the secretary and agree the level of expenses.
b. No competitors shall be concerned in any way with the ratification of their own records.
c. The WSSRC shall maintain an independent bank account.
d. Copies of all minutes and annual accounts shall be supplied to WS.
e. An annual report shall be prepared and shall comply with WS regulations for submission.

Members: to be persons who are considered to have the relevant experience and interest in this aspect of the sport; membership should reflect the involvement of the Nations interested in the sport. No limit to numbers. Candidates to be proposed for election at Council meetings. Quorum: Four members.

Chairman and Vice Chairmen: Elected by the Council and approved by WS.

Term: Four years, and eligible for re-election.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairman, 2 Vice Chairmen and Secretary. It shall take decisions on behalf of the Council on day-to-day matters. Such decisions shall be communicated to the Council.