Achievement Sailor Yacht Dates / Times Places
First (stopping) singlehanded circumnavigation of the world Joshua Slocum, USA Spray 1895-1898 Boston to Boston
First one stop, singlehanded circumnavigation Francis Chichester, GBR Gipsy Moth IV 1966-1967 Plymouth to Plymouth, stopped Sydney
First non stop, singlehanded circumnavigation Robin Knox-Johnston, GBR Suhaili 1968-1969 Falmouth to Falmouth
First non stop, singlehanded, circumnavigation by woman Kay Cottee (now Kay Sutton), AUS First Lady 1987-1988, 189 days Sydney to Sydney
Longest series non stop, singlehanded circumnavigations Jon Sanders, AUS Parry Endeavour 1986-1988 3 continuous circumnavigations one westabout, two eastabout, 657 days

Youngest non stop, singlehanded, circumnavigation

Category discontinued

Jesse Martin, AUS (Aged 18) Lionheart 1999-327 days Melbourne to Melbourne
Atlantic, first solo sailing Alfred Johnson, USA Centennial 1876, 20’ loa, 46 days Maine, US, to Wales, UK, to celebrate US Centennial

Atlantic, oldest, singlehanded, sailing

Category discontinued

Stefan Szwarnowski, GBR (Born 1912) Tawny Pipit 1989, 72 days New Jersey to Bude, England

Disabled sailor, non stop, singlehanded, circumnavigation.

Category discontinued

Vincent Lauwers, AUS Vision Quest 2000, 233 days Melbourne to Melbourne