The WSSR Council announces the ratification of a new World Record:

Record: World Kite-board Record
Board: Xcelerator board. Genetrix kites
Name: Sebastien Cattelan
Dates: 3rd October 2008. 
Start time: 14; 55; 03.84
Finish time: 14; 55; 23.18
Elapsed time: 19.34 seconds
Distance: 501m
Current: 0.1 kt
Average speed: 50.26 kts
Venue: Luderitz, NAM

Previous record: Robert Douglas; Luderitz 2008; 49.84 knots.

There has been a considerable delay in the ratification of this claim due to the non availability of the necessary data. This has also affected a further claim for an increased speed on a later date. The Council anticipates that we will be able to make an announcement on this claim within a few days.

Note that at the November Conference 2008, ISAF clarified that a kite-powered craft cannot be recognised as the holder of The World Sailing Speed Record.