WSSR Newsletter No 150. Francis Joyon 21st April 2008.

The WSSR Council announces ratification of a number of intermediate records achieved by Francis Joyon during his record breaking singlehanded  Around the World voyage:

Record : 24 Hour Singlehanded.
Yacht:  "Idec"
Name:  Francis Joyon, FRA
Dates:  11th December 2007 to 12th December 2007
Start time/position: 11/12/07: 05:01:00 UTC: Latitude: 45.784  Longitude: 52.796
Finish time/position: 12/12/2007 05:00:00 UTC: Latitude: 47.480 Longitude: 67.505
Elapsed time: 23 hours 59 minutes
Distance: 613.5 nm
Average speed: 25.56 kts
Comments: At the time of this claim the current record was: 2006, "Brossard", 60ft Tri, Yvan Bourgnon, SUI, 610.45nm, 25.76kts. Subsequently on the 6th January 2008, Thomas Coville, FRA, established a new record of 619.3nm, 25.8 kts.
Francis Joyon therefore held the record over the intermediate period.

Records: Equator/Equator. Indian Ocean. Pacific Ocean - All singlehanded.
Yacht: "Idec"
Name: Francis Joyon FRA.
Dates: 2007/2008.   
Elapsed times:  Equator/Equator: 41 days 9 hours 14 minutes.
  Indian Ocean: 9 days 12 hours 6 minutes
  Pacific Ocean: 10 days 14 hours 26 minutes
Previous records:
  Equator /Equator: 05. "B&Q, Ellen MacArthur GBR 51d 19h 17s
    Indian Ocean: 05. "B&Q", Ellen MacArthur GBR. 12d 18h 57m
  Pacific Ocean: 05: "B&Q", Ellen MacArthur GBR. 12d 13h 39m



John Reed
Secretary to the WSSR Council