The WSSR Council announces the following new World Records achieved at the Speed Sailing Event at La Palme France held from the 25th June to the 23rd July 2018.

World Record Ratifications

Heidi Ulrich. SUI. World Women’s Nautical Mile. Record: 35.91 kts on 16/07/18. Previous record: Zara Davis GBR 34.74 kts in 2006

Marine Tlattla. FRA. World Women’s Kite Nautical Mile. Record: 33.60 kts on 16/07/18. Previous record: Aurelia Harpin FRA. 29.83 in 2005

Vincent Valkenaers. BEL. World Men’s Windsurf Nautical Mile. Record: 42.23 on 21/07/18. Previous record: Bjorn Dunkerbeck. 41.14 kts in 2006

Christophe Ballois. FRA. World Men’s Kite Nautical Mile. Record: 35.78 kts on 21/07/18. Previous record: Rob Munro GBR. 35.65 kts in 2006

Zara Davis. GBR. World Women’s Nautical Mile. Record: 37.29 kts on 21/07/18. Previous record: Heidi Ulrich. SUI. 35.91 kts on 16/07/18


John Reed

Secretary to the WSSR Council

6th August 2018.