The WSSR Council announces the the establishment of a new World Record

Record: Cowes to Dinard. Powered Sails – WSSR rule 21c.

Yacht: “Leopard” 30m Monohull

Name: Mike Slade. GBR and 24 crew.

Dates: 10th July 2015, during the RORC Cowes to Dinard race.

Start time: 10;40 UTC on 10/07/15.

Finish time: 22;37;53 UTC on 10/07/15

Elapsed time: 11 hours 57 minutes and 53 seconds

Distance: 138 NM

Average speed: 11.5 knots


Comments: There has been no previous record in the 21c category but it complies with WSSR rule 20.f in that the claim exceeds the World Cowes to Dinard Monohull Record held by "Adrien", J L Van de Heede, FRA , Nov 04. 12h 01m 31s

(Rule 20.f.Powered sailing systems. In addition, any of these record categories can also apply to a vessel using powered sailing systems (see 21c.) provided a claim exceeds any corresponding World Record).


John Reed

Secretary to the WSSR Council