The WSSR Council announces the the establishment of a new World Record.

Record: Monaco to Porto Cervo. Rule 21.c Powered Sailing Systems

Yacht: “Esimit Europs 2” 100ft Monohull

Name: Jochen Schumann and a crew of 13

Dates: 26th August 2012.

Start time: 04;56;36 CEST; 26/08/12

Finish time: 15;10;18 CEST; 26/08/12

Elapsed time: 10 hours 13 minutes 42 seconds

Distance: 195 NM

Average speed: 19.06 kts

Comments: Previous record: Oct 5-6 2003. Nariida. S 105 32. Morten Sig. Bergesen /
Knut Frostad and a crew of 15. NOR. 15h 24m 59s. 12.64 kts


John Reed

Secretary to the WSSR Council