The WSSR Council announces the awarding of Performance Certificate No 33:

Route sailed: Lorient, France to Lorient, Mauritius. Benchmark Monohull time.

Yacht: Jolokia. 50 ft Monohull

Name: Eric Bellion. FRA. Skipper.

Crew: Justine Gaxotte. Nicolas Meisel, David Viguier, Olivier Brisse, Gregory Dunesme, Chloe Henry-Biabaud.

Dates: 8th September to the 15th November 2010.

Start time: 15; 29; 18. UTC 8/09/10

Finish time: 10;36;02. UTC 15/11/10

Elapsed time: 68 days, 19 hours, 6 minutes and 44 seconds




John Reed

Secretary to the WSSR Council