The following is a list of the WSSR attempts in progress or planned (this only includes projects which have completed all the necessary documentation - there are several more currently processing)

John Reed
Secretary to the WSSR Council

World Record attempts:
Round the World westabout singlehanded woman (in progress) Dee Cafari
24 hour outright attempt (in progress) Yves Parlier
San Francisco - Yokohama Geronimo
Yokohama - Hong Kong "
Hong Kong - Yokohama "
Yokohama - San Francisco "
Taipei - Hong Kong Ellen MacArthur

Performance Certificates attempts:
Around Scotland - clockwise Alan Rankin
Yokohama - San Francisco - 20 ft Catamaran Alessando di Benedetto
Dublin - Holyhead - Windsurfer Oisin van Gelderin
RTW - personal attempt. Anon.

Speed sailing events:
6th March to 30th April. Private event St Maries de la Mer.
11th to 17th April Port St Louis Kite Speed
21st to 27th April Mondial du Vent Kite Speed. Leucate
21st to 29th July. Fuerteventura Grand Prix.
1st to 5th August Fuerteventura Kite Speed,
11th to19th October. Namibia Grand Prix
20th October to17th November. Private event Namibia Record Attempt